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Focus RS custom tuner Focus RS custom tune custom Focus RS tune
Focus RS custom tune Focus RS custom tuning custom Focus RS tuner
Tunewerks calibrated Focus RS
Tunewerks powered Focus RS
Focus RS custom tune Focus RS custom tuning custom Focus RS tuner
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Focus RS custom tune Focus RS custom tuning custom Focus RS tuner
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Focus RS Custom Tune ECU Calibration / Big Turbo Upgrade by Tunewerks

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Focus RS Custom Tuning

Take your Big Turbo Focus RS to the next level with Tunewerks custom tuning and FULLY optimized ECU calibration for your Cobb Accessport. Nothing will surpass custom tuning when it comes to increasing the output of your Big Turbo Focus RS! When upgrading your turbocharger it's even more critical that you acquire purpose built programming. The OEM ECU calibration will limit the output of your big turbo upgrade and cause a software vs hardware scenario that will result in massive throttle closures, Check Engine lights, operating in limp mode, and eventual engine damage. With a well engineered big turbo upgrade, Tunewerks big turbo custom tune, supporting modifications, and high quality fuel you can expect average peak to peak gains of 130+ horsepower and 150+ ft. lbs. of torque AT THE WHEELS as pictured in the dyno chart. Output will vary due to different turbos, but regardless of turbo size there are stock fuel system limitations that factor in once you get into the 375+ WHP zone of operation. If you upgrade the fuel system increased overall gains are possible.

Focus RS custom tuner Focus RS custom tune custom Focus RS tune

PRO TIP: For even greater gains select 100 octane, E30, or E40 fuel options when placing your order. Just be sure you have access to the chosen fuel. Using the incorrect fuel with a purpose built ECU calibration can lead to serious engine damage!

Focus RS custom tuning and optimized ECU calibrations from Tunewerks are built to your specifications based on vehicle modifications, octane, elevation, environment, and preferences. We go beyond the standard OTS files included with the Cobb Accessport, tapping into our 18+ years of Ford ECU calibration experience, taking full advantage of your vehicle’s modifications and potential. Engine performance is optimized by reviewing data logging files along with program revisions and feedback from the end user in real world driving scenarios.

There are reasons why rally teams such as Team O'Neil Motorsports, LaRoza Racing, O.D.D. Racing, CBKB Rally Team, Hovinga Motorsports, and Pura Vida Rally Team have repeatedly used custom tune services by our calibration staff... Experience. Dedication. Championships.

Our goal is to deliver the safest, most reliable power available, but we are equipped to push the envelope for those who are after the very highest output achievable. Conversely, we are able to accommodate those who prefer to have something more conservative, as well.

Custom programming options include, but are not limited to:

  • On-the-Fly MAP (slot) switching
  • Launch Control settings
  • Flat Foot Shifting settings
  • Ethanol (E30 & E40) support
  • 100+ Octane support
  • Gear Based Torque Limiting
  • Shift Assist settings
  • Idle adjustment
  • Rev Limiters
  • Speed Limiters
  • Shift Light settings
  • Advanced Wastegate adjustments
  • Low Traction / Wet Weather settings

Tunewerks Optimized ECU Calibration Slots

Tunewerks calibrations include 5 slots that are switchable anytime. Using the steering wheel Cruise Control buttons allows for quick slot changes whenever needed. The default settings for the Focus RS are:

  • Slot 1 - Custom High Performance Calibration
  • Slot 2 - Custom High Performance Calibration with indicated Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting
  • Slot 3 - Low Boost / Gas Miser Mode
  • Slot 4 - Panic Mode / Bad Fuel Mode
  • Slot 5 - Wastegate Actuator Evaluation Mode

Easy to follow step-by-step data logging instructions are provided to help you get the most from your Tunewerks ECU calibration. 

The custom calibration and file revision period is 60 days from the time the first ECU calibration file is sent to the customer. Once the 60 day period has expired the custom calibration period ends. Future custom ECU calibrations are subject to additional fees depending on the exact nature of the request.

Important Note: Programming for any fuel system upgrades, such as upgraded Fuel Injectors or High Pressure Fuel Pump will incur extra costs. Aux Fuel systems are completely separate and may be possible to program, but will also incur extra costs. Contact us before installing any of these items to avoid unexpected circumstances.

tunewerks focus RS custom tuning

PRO TIP: When increasing boost pressure and overall performance of your Focus RS, ensure the spark plug gap is properly set. We recommend 0.026" gap to avoid misfires.

If you have questions or need further clarification regarding our ECU calibrations please contact us at

Please note this ECU calibration is not intended for engine swaps or nitrous oxide applications and applies to the original purchaser only. This service is nontransferable and other restrictions may apply.

WARNING: This ECU calibration has been constructed and is intended for off-highway use only. Installation of this calibration on a vehicle that is driven on public roads may violate U.S. and Canadian laws and regulations relating to emission requirements and motor vehicle safety standards. Please check your local laws for emissions compliance information.